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WM ice technics’ new developments have always made people stand up and take notice: The first sloping snow tank, the integrated edger, the automatic mode, the self-driving Mammoth Autopilot. Our courage in innovation has a clear goal. Every time we optimise, we enhance the user-friendliness and efficiency of our machinery. We identify the challenges of the future, and give you a solution today.


Health and safety in the workplace are our number one priority. That’s why WM ice technics have made our ice resurfacing machinery as safe and user-friendly as possible. All our models are fully compliant with European Machinery Directives.

As the only international manufacturer of ice resurfacing machinery, we also have our vehicles type-tested by Suva, the independent certification organisation based in Switzerland: Amongst other aspects, an expert team test the vehicles for safety during operation, user friendliness and ergonomic features; this allows us to guarantee your health and safety standards which far surpass minimum legal requirements.


All of the high-precision turning and lathing stages are carried out by WM ice technics in our own production facilities. We source our standard components exclusively from renowned manufacturers. Every single part is, therefore, specifically tailored to its function and is manufactured with the utmost of attentiveness. This means that we can guarantee the very best of quality and tested safety, right from the outset. In-house production also allows us to respond to customer requests with flexibility. Spare parts are available at all times if required, and a number of optionals can easily be upgraded, even years later.


WM ice technics develop and manufacture ice resurfacing vehicles which meet all requirements in terms of efficient, reliability, durability and user-friendliness. Our series-manufacturing processes and in-house production ensure absolute traceability of every step in production and all components. Every member of our staff has specialised skills, and carries out all work assiduously and conscientiously. We constantly work on optimisations: for our machinery, for our customers and for our employees. And this is how we guarantee you the very best of quality, all-round.    


Our vehicles maintain the ice and we maintain relations with our customers – not only prior to purchase, but also during the set-up stage and beyond. We fulfil our customers’ special requests from the production stage onwards. Above all, WM ice technics feature an impressively low, transparent, maintenance and service costs. If repairs should be necessary, all spare parts can be provided rapidly. Our team and our sales partners' service technicians look after you well. We are always there for our customers and provide support during the set-up phase and maintenance.

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